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 The new project "E-l@ugh

The  e-l@ugh app is ready, download the app and upload your l@ugh! 

Laughterlab has created a smart phone app on which you can record your laughter !! Download the free App E-l@ugh on google play or the appstore and start laughing !!!

Ask your friends and family to laugh with you ! Fake it untill you make it !. Redo it if you dont like it, press the button save (thanks for giving away your image rights) 

You can vote  for the most authentic laugh ! So do join the laughtergame ! From the best 100 laughs a super audio-visual movie compilation will be made and offered to the a sign of connection.

We intend to make a photo book in which every country is represented with a l@ugh.  





We are supporting Right To Play, a not for profit organisation that empowers and educate children in conflict zones through play and let them laugh again. Every uploaded laugh will pay for a child in war zones. You can monetary support the project e-l@ugh and Right To Play simultaneously.