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Essence of laughter,  I laugh you too

Laughter is the great communicator, connecter
Laughter is our universal language…. rising above cultural, religious and political polarities. Every culture can reply a laugh. Its the shortest way to one another. No physical borders, no social barriers.
Laughter shows humans at their best, united in body and mind, equal, connected to each other.

Essence of this project, intercultural connection through  participation in the art

Laughter unites us on our basic common ground.
Funny thing is that laughter is so terribly infectious that it multiplies by itself. The pure energy of laughter without reason will generate more laughter to keep the project running. We are building a world enhancing sculpture of brilliant laughter honouring the power of laughter throug the power of laughter. Laughter is the subject and at the same time the engine of this audiovisual streaming media project.

In the arts laughter never had a prominent place. Sculpture and painting are not suitable enough . But the fast and light bits and bites of the internet are an equivalant vehicle for the explosive luminous nature of laughter. In combination with the social media we will  create a global artwork . 

A smile in Figi triggers a giggle in Tokyo, causes a chuckle in Delhi,.triggers a laugh in Tehran, madness in Madagascar, a roar in Nairobi, a shout of laughter in Moscow, an outburst in Amsterdam, total collapse in Rio, a boom in San Francisco, an  explosion in Hawaii